Allison Koberstein

Fine Art & Illustration - with Character

Hi there! I'm Allison - a visual artist and illustrator from Vancouver, Canada.

I do a couple different things: original art for gallery exhibition and custom illustration & character design for businesses. You'll find an explanation of each below, read what you're into.

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First, My Fine Art Work

I create original paintings and drawings for gallery exhibition by combining my manga-influenced drawing style with a variety of mediums & textures.

Growing up fascinated by cartoons, comics and anime, I wanted to draw my own - and I did! Though my tastes evolved as I got older my affinity for these iconic, idealized characters remained unshakable.

My goal is to innovate and explore new stylistic ground in fine art while staying true to what I love. Things are going well so far. I've been participating in art shows since 2012 and my work has found its way to shows and collections in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Australia.

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Upcoming (2015)

  • Dragons n S**t - Unity Tattoo, Vancouver, BC
  • SupahCute Kaiju 2 - Leanna Lin's Wonderland, LA, California


  • It's a Sheep Show - Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, BC


  • Robots and Monsters - Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • Revenge of the Art Show- Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, BC
  • Papergirl Vancouver - Roundhouse, Vancouver, BC
    *Art delivered by bicycle to unsuspecting pedestrians.*
  • Daruma Art (BLOOM Project) - Nikkei National Museum, Burnaby, BC
  • Doggie Wonderland - Leanna Lin's Wonderland, LA, California
  • The Carnival - Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • UGH! Prehistoric Art Show- Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, BC


  • Robots and Monsters - Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • The Postcard Show Vol II - Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • Stratus by Cloudscape - Ayden Gallery, Vancouver, BC
  • No Memes No - Hot Art Wet City, Vancouver, BC
  • (Solo) Local Artist Feature - Richmond Public Library, Richmond, BC
  • Papergirl Vancouver - Roundhouse, Vancouver, BC


  • Cirrus by Cloudscape - The Cultch, Vancouver, BC
  • SIAT Showcase Competition (2nd Place Print Category), Surrey, BC


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Illustration & Character Design Work

If you need:

  • an eye-grabbing image for your book cover
  • illustrations to make your blog stand out from the crowd
  • a unique character to represent your brand
  • art assets for your app or game
  • something else entirely

I can help! Independent creatives, studios, large organizations, I've worked with all types. Don't be shy. (Select Clients: Translink, Kibooco Interactive, Artcode, Lollypop Beach Blog)

Custom illustrations have a unique ability to connect instantly with your audience. I take into account your brand and market space, your needs and your audience and go through multiple stages of development to craft the perfect image for you. My approach combines an artistic sensibility with a design & tech background (ask me about my SIAT degree and the two years I worked at a tech start up). I speak your language.

My main art style seems to find the most traction with girls ~15-24. However, I have a stylistic range to draw from that I can tailor to according to the project and audience. I've worked on kids projects, brands targeted at women and there's no shortage of awesome men who enjoy my work (hey guys!)

Characters and art are some of my biggest life passions and I'd love to make something for you. And if you're not even sure what you want, I can help with that too.

Drop me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP!

Things I've worked on have been seen in:

Who am I?

Oh gosh the personal part of the bio.

  • My interests include hiking, animal rights, effective altruism and podcasts.
  • I started freelancing when I was 14 by selling custom drawings online.
  • In high school I was a leader of Anime Club and Yearbook Editor in Chief.
  • My degree is in Interactive Arts and Technology and I got to take all kinds of classes like Spatial Design and Wearable Technology and 3D Animation and Narrative in New Media and Film and Programming. My campus had a virtual reality research center and if that's not insanely cool then I don't know what is.
  • My senior project was a visual novel I wrote, illustrated and programmed myself about three girls in a post apocalyptic world. I also made a multilinear webcomic (FLOCK) which was in some exhibitions.
  • I love science fiction and thinking about the future.

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